stuff you may want clarified

  1. the all-important Ratio: The diet is calculated in terms of ratios such as 4:1, 3:1, and 2:1 (sometimes it's 3.75:1 or, as with Sebastian right now, 2.5:1). In a 4:1 ratio, there is 4 times as much fat as there is protein and carbohydrate combined. The dietitian devises meal plans that complete the required fat, protein and carbohydrate for each meal. Each meal plan indicates the exact gram weight of each food which must be weighed on a gram scale. (
  2. Perseverationan activity or interest that is intense and repetitive.  This is a common aspect of those on the Autism Spectrum.  Perseverations can range from physical repetitions - or "stims" - to deeply focused studies and interests, sometimes leading to a remarkable, specialized expertise.  Like stims, perseverations seem to be methods for regulating the nervous system or hormones in the brain. (